DiWa 0104 - Clamp Meter 3phase 630A


SKU : DiWa 0104

DiWa 0104 is powered by a battery and receives AC current through a current transformer. This device adopts clamp-on current transformer, which can be easily connected to the device to be tested.

หมวดหมู่ : Larawan Network


The DiWa 0104 Netvox wireless three-phase current detector is used to detect three-phase electrical input current. The device is compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol, and integrates a chip module that conforms to the LoRaWAN wireless protocol, and joins the gateway to display the collected data in the gateway. The DiWa 0111 is powered by a battery and receives AC current through a current transformer. The DiWa 0104 adopts open-loop current transformer, which can be easily connected to the device to be tested. The A phase line, the B phase line and the C phase line of the three-phase electric power are respectively connected to the corresponding current transformers.

• Apply SX1276 wireless communication module
• 2 ER14505 battery (3.6V/section) in parallel power supply
• Protection level: host body IP53, sensor IP30
• The base is attached with a magnet that can be attached to a ferromagnetic material object
• Adopt clamp-on current transformer, it can be easily connected with the device to be monitored
• LoRaWANTM Class A compatible
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Third-Party online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system to configure sensors, view data and set alerts via SMS text and email (optional)
• Available third-party platform: Actility/ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices/Cayenne
• Improved power management for longer battery life
• Battery Life*2:
Please refer to web: http://www.netvox.com.tw/electric/electric_calc.html
At this website, users can find battery lifetime for various models at different configurations.
*1. Actual range may vary depending on environment.
*2. Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables

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